E.X.O┆transformation ✰ from cuties to hotties

do you dislike the look of the prophet, or his gaze?


to my favourite person in the world,

happy birthday! you’re finally 24 years old (25 in korea), but sometimes it seems like you’re still five, 哈哈哈. looking back on the past year, you’ve really gone through a lot - you’ve gone through a whole range of hairstyles and colors, you’ve won so many awards with exo (and have even been named asia’s number one most handsome man yourself 哈哈哈哈), you’ve faced your fears, you’ve finally let yourself shed tears, and you’ve seem to become ever so slightly used to being in front of the camera now 哈哈. you’ve grown and have had more experience as an idol, and i’m very proud of where you are now.

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Eyes on me  


exo’s calling for a doctor let me study a medical degree

happy birthday my beautiful deer, luhan. 

thank you for existing, because of you millions of people smile. thank you for always taking care the members and being a great hyping to them. i hope you had a great day celebrating your special day with the loved ones. since exo is having a comeback, dont always busy taking care of the members. take good care of yourself too. dont fall sick, practices are important but always remember to get some rest. i wish you’re happy and healthy. happy birthday ♡ 


when jongin doesnt like his drink ><

four of ? chapters of blondkai dedicated panegyric.